Henry Island Beach

A Day Trip to Bakkhali and Henry Island

Our Destination for the Day trip

Living in a metropolitan city such as Kolkata there are quite a few who wish to take small breaks with their friends and family. It was quite the similar case with us. Regular work and limited time had made it difficult to go out on a holiday for a long time. However, limited time doesn’t mean you cannot have fun or travel to newer places. With just a Sunday in hand we started to search for places and Day breaks where we could spend an entire day and be back to the city on the same day. So the priority was something within 100 kilometres. However, one would be disappointed to know that the internet is flooded with so many options but almost none of them suited to be a place where we could be at. Kolkata certainly lacks places where we could have an adventurous day trip. Nonetheless with almost a day’s search along with work we settled to visit the Piyali Islands. The island is about 75 kilometres from Kolkata and takes around 1.5 hours. Read more about A Day Trip to Bakkhali and Henry Island

Activity Tourism in India to Get Some Boost

An exciting platform has been launched by Thrillophilia offering different experiences and activities at more than two hundred destinations across India. The primary aim of the company is to narrow the gap between local service providers and travellers in this growing but unorganised sector. There has been nearly five hundred percent growth in adventure tourism […]

Lakshmana Temple


Khajuraho is a town situated in the State of Madhya Pradesh. It is one of the most famous destinations in India and is visited by huge number of people every year. Khajuraho is known for the famous monuments that were constructed in the medieval period. There are many Jain and Hindu temples situated here and […]

Hotels run out of Accommodation with increased footfall in Jammu & Kashmir

Permission has not been granted by the state government for construction or repair works in Kashmir, in touring destinations of Pahalgam and Srinagar since 2009. The Kashmir valley is witnessing a huge crisis in the tourism infrastructure in the last couple of tourist seasons. The influx of tourists is getting larger and Kashmir is faced with crisis as it is unable to offer hotels and accommodations to the huge number of tourists. Read more about Hotels run out of Accommodation with increased footfall in Jammu & Kashmir



Before Meghalaya was split into a new state Shillong used to be the capital of Assam. It is one of the beautiful places in Northeastern India and now a capital of Meghalaya. The place is covered by pine trees and has a pretty mild climate which is different from other corners of the country. Approximately 1496 meters above the sea level the city of Shillong has often been referred to as the Scotland of East. Travelling to this place would still showcase the British legacy from the food habits and the architecture of the region. The beauty of the place gets enhanced with the slating roofs and Assamese style homes which have several windows and are made of wood. Read more about Shillong

Adventure Sports Gets Better in Kerala

Strolling down the beaches or going for a boat ride is outdated. The Kochiites would have all the adventure this season as the city with the suburbs is offering options in adventure sports. Options for exotic, refreshing, and thrilling sport activities lie before them as they go for yachting or scuba diving or river rafting or even ice skating. The most common sport activities that the city people indulge in during the weekends are listed below. Read more about Adventure Sports Gets Better in Kerala

tourism in uttarakhan

Huge tour cancellations reported for holiday destinations in Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand

Bad weather and rain rage in Char Dham area has affected the tourism in all the hill stations and holiday destinations in the neighborhood. Tourist traffic has considerably dropped and booked tours are being cancelled in huge numbers. Instead of Himalayan skirts, tourists opt for Goa, Kashmir, Kerala, Rajasthan and other safer destinations.

About 80% of the bookings for various destinations in Uttarakhand have been cancelled following nature’s rampage. The region otherwise used to be packed with both adventure tourists and Char Dham pilgrims. Observing the condition of the weather, travelers have become reluctant to visit Jim Corbett National Park, Mussourie, Nanital and other nearby hill stations. Statistically, 50% of bookings for neighboring destinations have been cancelled. Read more about Huge tour cancellations reported for holiday destinations in Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand


Banihal-Qazigund rail route inaugurated by the Prime Minister

The Prime Minister of India, Dr. Manmohan Singh and the UPA chairperson, Sonia Gandhi, inaugurated on Wednesday the all-weather rail route to Kashmir Valley. While inaugurating the rail route they said that the Center is committed to take care of development of Jammu and Kashmir. The tunnel, 10.96 kilometers, having cost Rs.1300 crore has been opened by the Prime Minister to connect Qazigund and Banihal in this region. Read more about Banihal-Qazigund rail route inaugurated by the Prime Minister

Malvan Region

Malvan is a small town located in the Sindhudurg District. The region has huge historical and cultural importance in Maharashtra.  Malvan Taluka has various villages like Achra, Jamdul, Khalchi Devli, Achra, Sarjekot, Aangnechi wadi, etc. There is a well known historical monument present over here named Sindhudurg fort which is beautiful and has been spread over a vast area. The Malvan mangoes and sweets are famous and form an important part of the Malvan culture. The main occupation of the people is fishing and some are involved in the travel industry. There is huge quantity of salt produced over here and it has derived its name  from this as the salt producers’ use the term “Mahalavan” to describe the area rich in salt. Read more about Malvan Region