Daman and Diu


Located in the North western part of India, Daman is among the two districts within the union territory of Daman and Diu. The beautiful district of Daman is surrounded by the Arabian Sea on its west and the state of Gujarat from the other 3 sections. The entire region is spread over 72 sq. mt. and houses more than 191,173 people. The place witnesses many tourists each year, especially from the state of Gujarat. Due to its location it serves as an ideal spot for the people living in Gujarat for a weekend destination. Nevertheless the place is a popular tourist destination on the map of India. History suggests the place to have been highly characterized by the Portuguese colonial architecture. Some of the popular attractions which attract people from all over include the spectacular beaches, churches, scenery, etc. Nani-Daman and Moti-Daman are the two towns which are popular for their scenic beauty. The Daman Ganga River passes through the district which has several manufacturing industries as well. The district is quite close to the city of Surat and is about 160 kilometres from the business capital of India, Mumbai.



Diu is the other district in the union territory of Daman and Diu. It carries over the legacy of the Portuguese rule in the region and is quite similar to Daman. It was a part of the Portuguese colony for 4 centuries and was made a part of the Union territory in the year 1987. However, like Daman it was a part of Goa after 1961 when the Indian forces took over the administration of the place. The district is divided into two parts i.e. Diu Island and the Diu Mainland. It shares its borders with Junagarh which is a district of Gujarat. The popular village of Ghoghla is a part of this district and lies directly opposite to the eastern end of Diu Island.Daman & Diu

Interesting Facts

  • Daman has been famous for its least balanced sex ratio
  • Chief occupation of the people residing here is fishing
  • The historical remains at the place dates back to the times of Emperor Ashoka i.e. 273 to 136 BC. Remains such as coins from the Kushana emperor dating back to the 1st century AD. have been found here.
  • Was a part of Portuguese colony for over 4 centuries which ended in the year 1961
  • The historic monuments present here speak about the past centuries and the stories behind them
  • Till 1987 Daman and Diu were a part of the Union territory of Goa and later on was formed into an independent union territory.
  • In the past Diu was an important place of strategic importance for the Portuguese but is now reduced to a museum and a place of historical importance.


Daman’s Location

Daman is about 170 kilometres from the city of Mumbai and experiences a lot of tourist traffic each year. Being near to the state of Maharashtra and adjoining Gujarat the place is strategically placed and gets attraction due to the exotic and serene nature. Daman and Diu is a Union Territory in India and are essentially small enclaves located in Western India. The district is very small and is on the tip of the Daman Ganga River while having the Arabian Sea at one end.

Diu’s Location

Diu is located on the southern coast of Kathiawar Peninsula of Gujarat. Its coastline stretches over 21 kilometres and is on the border of Junagarh and Amerli. The closest towns and cities to Diu include Gogola, Podame, Dores, Malabar Hills, Akrapati, etc.

Languages Spoken

  • Gujarati
  • Hindi
  • Portuguese
  • English

How to Reach Daman and Diu?

Daman and Diu is accessible from all forms of transportation and there are numerous options available. Regular flights, trains or roadways are available for people interested to visit the place.

Reaching by Air

In order to reach Daman via Air people may board direct flights from Mumbai and Baroda. The Gujarat State Airlines connect the place with the two cities. Nani Daman is the area where the local airport of Daman is situated which is equipped with all the amenities for the tourists who wish to travel to this city.

In order to reach Diu people may take the direct flights from Mumbai which fly on a daily basis. Jet Airways and the Indian Airlines are the two carriers running flights for the travelers.

Reaching by Road

Road connectivity to Daman is quite good whereby it is connected to some of the major nearby cities with an excellent roadways system. Vapi is the nearest popular town which is about 12 km and is located on the Mumbai Ahmadabad NH 8. Travelling from Mumbai, Ahmadabad, Diu, Surat, and Baroda is quite comfortable where the distances are 170km, 360km, 769km, 110km, and 300km respectively. Similarly by travelling on the above mentioned highways one can reach Diu.

Reaching by Train

Vapi is the nearest station for the travelers to get down when travelling to Daman. The place is about 12km and major trains from Delhi to Mumbai or Ahmedabad to Mumbai halt at this station. After getting down at Vapi travelers can book a cab, or board the local buses to reach Daman. Trying out the Tongas could also be a good experience as well.

The nearest station is at Delaware which is about 9kms from the Diu coastline. People may also take the regular rail services available from Veraval in Gujarat. Railways are considered as the most efficient means connecting the islands of Diu to the Mainland.

Best Time to visit Daman and Diu

The beauty of this place is the weather, it remains pleasant throughout the year and summers are usually accompanied by a cool breeze. Moreover it you are planning for a trip to this place then the months from October to May would be the ideal time to see the best out of Daman and Diu.

Travel around Daman and Diu

Daman is now a popular tourist attraction on the list of travelers travelling to the Eastern Part of India. The great climate and warm people makes it an ideal tourist destination. Primary reasons to attract tourists especially from the nearby states are its great seashores, spectacular beaches, availability of liquor, etc. The Portuguese influence and the cultural history also attract the students of history to this place. Daman is also house to numerous religious places which also draws religious tourist to the place. Besides just travelling, the place offers great options for the shoppers as well. Buying the leather products or the Bamboo mats are a must for every traveler visiting the place. Handmade works by the locals is also among the popular products for the shoppers visiting Daman.

forts in diu

forts in diu1

On the other hand Diu is a place which has more for the history lovers. Checking out the Bunder Chowk Fort, Panikota, or the St. Paul’s church would surely take you back in times. However, the beaches are at its best. Nagoa beach or the Jalandhar beach presents a great sight for every traveler. With over 5,000 visitors every month the festivals and the cultural traditions are among the popular attractions. Lastly do not miss out on the night life which this place presents to its visitors.

Attractions at Daman and Diu

Daman and Diu has loads of attractions for its tourists. Right from the historical monuments it stretches out to the natural landscapes which certainly promise a great time for the travelers.

Historical Monuments

  • Diu Fort
    Diu Fort

    Diu Fort: Situated near the shorelines this fort dates back to the 15th century. It embarks the strategic alliance of the Sultan of Gujarat and the Portuguese. Diu Fort being just at the shores provides an excellent view of the Arabian Sea from the top. This Fort is presently the Diu Jail and is covered on three sides by the Sea. On the fourth side it is connected by a canal. The things to see at this fort are the old cannons, armory and the amazing Portuguese architecture.

  • Diu Museum
    Diu Museum

    Diu Museum: Dating back to the historic times the museum has its own tale to tell. This museum although has historic remains was not fit enough to house and protect the historical things. Also not among the fittest areas of Diu the museum was shifted to the St. Thomas Church. Among the popular things to browse here are the idols, statues, artifacts, wooden carvings etc.

  • Lighthouse: The lighthouse is one of the most visible monuments which leave a towering presence on every traveler. Being at the lighthouse provides a magnificent view during the sunset near the Daman Ganga River Bridge.
  • Panikota Fort
    Panikota Fort

    Panikota Fort: To reach this Fort visitor would have to take a boat ride which certainly is an amazing experience. It is a spectacular structure which is situated at the opening of the creek and stands like a tall structure. Although it’s about a nautical mile from the mainland, most people visiting the districts pay a visit to the fort. Popular sights here include the light house and the chapel of the “Our Lady of the Sea”.

  • St Jerome Fort: This fort is situated at the Nani Daman which is also known as the Nani Daman Fort. Its giant gateway which faces the river along with a statue of St. Jerome is a great sight to see. Near this giant structure one may visit the Jain Temple of Lord Mahavira which has its walls covered with glasses.

The Beaches

  • 1Chakratirth BeachChakratirth Beach: Located right at the center of Diu this place adds the charm for every visitor to cherish. The name of the place is taken from the ancient scripts which tell the tales of Lord Vishnu. It has a nearby hill which adds to the beauty of this place by its innovative and creative illumination.
  • Devka Beach: This beach is about 3 kilometres from Nani Daman and provides some spectacular views of the Arabian Sea and its surroundings. Besides the clean waters and spectacular views the place houses an Amusement Park.
  • Goghla Beach: A few decades ago the Ghogle beach was not a popular destination. However with efforts from the organizers and locals the beach has emerged to be a great tourist spot and filled with amazing beach facilities. For the adventure lovers this is the beach to be at when in Diu. Starting from Water Scooters, Para-sailing and hosts of other beach sports activities are available at this place.
  • Gomatimala Beach: Gomatimala beach is yet another beautiful beach which is about 25kms from Diu. The popularity of this place is due to its sandy beaches while the peaceful atmosphere accompanied by cool sea breezes lets your relax and laze around.
  • Jalandhar Beach
    Jalandhar Beach

    Jalandhar Beach: Among the most beautiful of them all this beach has got its name from the Demon Jalandhar. At one of the hills near the beach is the small memorial which has the stone face of demon Jalandhar. The temple of Goddess Chandrika is also among the popular sites here.

  • Jampore Beach: At the extreme end of the beaches in Daman and Diu this beach was developed by Casurina Plantation. This beach serves as a great spot for the picnic enthusiasts. Among the popular attractions at this beach are the long beaches which are available during the low tides. Collecting some see mementos while on a long walk at the beach would certainly be an exciting activity.
  • Nagoa Beach: Wave movement is the specialty of this beach which usually forms amazing shapes on the seashores. The beach is almost 2.5 km in length and has been well-maintained till today. The dense forest surrounding the area is full of coconut groves which gives it a picturesque view to the spot. It is due to the minimal rock formation and undercurrents which makes the beach very safe for the beach bathing.

Religious Monuments

  • Cathedral of Bom Jesu: The district of Daman is full of holy places among which the Cathedral of Com Jesu is a popular one. This church was built way back in the year 1603 AD and portrays the magnificence of the Portuguese architecture. This church houses 6 statues symbolizing the Roman Catholic traditions and is full of rosewood carvings across the entire church.

    Cathedral of Bom Jesu
    Cathedral of Bom Jesu
  • Church of Our Lady: This church resembles the ancient excellence and innovativeness of Portuguese architecture. It has been built on the ancient tombstones of the Portuguese era and has a damp floor. Wooden work is among the most amazing sights at this place.
  • St. Paul’s Church: This church was built in the 17th century AD and has a frontage which was decorated by the intriguingly indulgenced volutes.

Damanganga Tourist Complex

The amazing set of facilities certainly helps every traveler along with the locals of the area. The place has almost everything which includes the Health Club, Amphi Theatre, Conference Halls, Water Sports, Island Gardens, Cafeteria, etc. It’s one of its first kinds in the country and has virtually everything under a single roof. It is located in the village of Kanchigam which is about 8 kilometres from Nani Daman. Getting down at Vapi Railway Station and reaching the complex is also possible which is about 5 kilometres way. Auto Rickshaws or Taxis are available in abundance for travelling to the complex.

There are some popular hotels near the complex where people may stay at. The tariffs for an overnight stay at these hotels range from Rs.1000 to Rs.2500. Some of the names include:

  • The Emerald Hotel
  • Ocean Panorama Hotel
  • Royal Garden Hotel
  • Dariya Darshan Hotel
  • Presidency Hotel
  • Hotel Sea Rock inn

What’s in store for the shoppers in Daman and Diu?

bamboo products
bamboo products

Although there are not many options to shop around the area, you would certainly not like to come back empty handed. It should be said that shopping at Daman and Diu could be quite interesting. Some of the recommended things to buy when here include:

  • Go around the customs shops and buy yourself some gizmos or electronic goods, obviously at low prices. Keep in mind that they do not provide any warranty on the products sold.
  • Leather slippers or the handcrafted items made from bamboo are available cheap prices.
  • Buying some woven bamboo mats or baskets could also be on your shopping lists.

Some of the other items such as household stuffs, sea shore treasures such as seashells or oysters are among the popular collectibles people may take back.

Where and what to eat at Daman and Diu?

Among the popular eating items the eateries here serve a range of tandoori items besides the local Gujarati and Portuguese dishes. Although there are numerous local food joints at Daman and Diu, some of the popular eateries have been listed below:

  1. The Resort Hoka Restaurant, Diu: Phone: 02875-253036
  2. O’Coqueiro Restaurant, Diu: Firangiwada Road, Phone: 09824681565
  3. Hotel Mirmar, Daman: Devika Beach, Phone: 00912602250671
  4. Apana Foodland, Diu: Fort Road
  5. Veera da dhaba, Daman: Varkund, Nani daman, Daman vapi main road, 396210
  6. Daman Delite Restaurant, Daman: Sea Face Road, Nani Daman, Hotel Gurukripa, Daman 396210, Phone: 0260-6452494

Where to stay in Daman and Diu?

Varied staying options are available which ranges from the most affordable to the luxurious hotels at Daman and Diu. Some of the popular names have been listed below:

Hotels in Daman

  1. Hotel Miramar: Devka Rd, Devka Beach, Daman, Daman and Diu, 396210, Phone: +91 260 225 0671
  2. Jazira Hotel: Devka Beach, Daman, Union Teritory of Daman, Phone: +91 260 225 4330
  3. Sandy Resort: Devka beach,Daman, Daman & Diu, Phone: +91 260 225 4751
  4. Hotel Princess Park: Devka Rd, Daman, Phone: +91 260 225 4323
  5. Hotel Sovereign: Seaface Rd, Daman, Phone: +91 260 225 5023

Hotels in Diu

  1. Radhika Beach Resort: Nagoa Beach, Diu 362520, Phone: +91 2875 252553/54/55
  2. Azzaro Resort & Spa: Fofrara-Fudam, Diu 362520, Phone: +91 2875 255421/22/23/24
  3. Hotel Palms Cottages: Kodidhar Beach, Nagoa, Diu 362520, Phone: +91 2875 253974
  4. Paramount Beach Resort: Opp. Nagoa Beach, Diu 362520, Phone: +91 2875 275335
  5. Rasal Beach Resort: Nagoa Beach, Diu 362520, India, Phone: +91 2875 252498/275344

For more details on the list of hotels you may visit here

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