Indian airline services reduce fares by 15 percent

By cutting the air fares to fifteen percent on some of the routes, the airlines industry hopes to increase the passenger traffic this season. Generally during monsoons the passenger traffic remains lean stretching from the month of June till September.  

The airfares for Delhi-Mumbai route have been brought down from Rs.9300 to Rs.7900 by the low fare airlines services like GoAir, SpiceJet Ltd, and IndiGo. The current rates are applicable to tickets booked till 5 days in advance. Air India Ltd that offers meals and in-flight entertainment facilities keeps the rate at Rs.9218 for Delhi-Mumbai route, while the Jet Airways (India) Ltd, offering similar services in some of the flights, keeps the fare at Rs.8742.


People booking the tickets for the Delhi-Mumbai route seven days in advance can have the fares reduced from Rs.7700 to Rs.6600, on the GoAir, SpiceJet, and IndiGo airlines. SpiceJet also offers a window for booking tickets at Rs.3379 for the same route, ninety days in advance.

The airfares on the Delhi-Chennai route have been reduced from Rs.9800 to Rs.9049. The fares on Delhi-Bengaluru route, however remains the same at about Rs.10000.

Post Author: Aditya Gupta

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