Malvan Region

Malvan is a small town located in the Sindhudurg District. The region has huge historical and cultural importance in Maharashtra.  Malvan Taluka has various villages like Achra, Jamdul, Khalchi Devli, Achra, Sarjekot, Aangnechi wadi, etc. There is a well known historical monument present over here named Sindhudurg fort which is beautiful and has been spread over a vast area. The Malvan mangoes and sweets are famous and form an important part of the Malvan culture. The main occupation of the people is fishing and some are involved in the travel industry. There is huge quantity of salt produced over here and it has derived its name  from this as the salt producers’ use the term “Mahalavan” to describe the area rich in salt.

malvan region
Sindhudurg Fort – Malvan Region

Malvan Region Location

This compact town is surrounded by beautiful beaches and is present in the west coast of India. There are three small creeks around this region namely Kolamb, Karli, and Kalavali. The beach around the place makes it humid and the climate mostly remains warm. Malvan receives good amount of rainfall and the average temperature over here is 16 to 33 °C.

How to Reach Malvan Region

By Road

The best way to reach Malvan is through Goa or Mumbai. The roads are accessible and people can hire State Transport Buses to come over here. Malvan is 200 Km far from Ratnagiri and 514 Km far from Mumbai. While coming from Goa or Mumbai one should take the NH-17 route.  People coming from Pune can take the M.S.R.T.C. bus. This bus runs under Maharashtra State Transport on a daily basis. However, there is no Volvo bus from Pune to Malvan. The Express Bus leaves at 7:00 am in the morning and the Semi-luxury bus is at 8:00 pm in the evening. One can also take the Kadamba Transport bus that runs from Pune to Goa. People going to Malvan should get down at Kasal and take the local bus to reach the Malvan region.

By Train

People coming through trains should get down at Kudal. There are many trains and buses available from Mumbai till Kudal.

By Air

The nearest airport for this region is Dabolim in Goa. After reaching Goa tourist can either take the bus route or the train route towards Malvan. There are trains available from Pune to Kudal as well.

The Culture of Malvan Region

Fishing at Malvan Region
Fishing at Malvan Region

Local people in Malvan speak the Malvani dialect. This dialect is known to be a mix of Konkani and Marathi. Everyone in Sindhudurg district and also in some parts of Ratnagiri speak in Malvani. The Malvani cuisine contains rice, fish and coconut. It is very popular in this region and the staple food of the locals is fish and rice.

Dashavtaar is a popular art form and this play is famous among the residents of Malvan. Locals give huge importance to the Dashavtaar play and it is an integral part of their culture. The play is conducted mainly during the morning hours and Lord Vishnu’s 10 incarnations are depicted through this play. There are many homemade food products made by the villagers during this festive season like Kadak Dadu, Khaja, Pickles, Laddus, etc. There is a town in the Malvan region that has been named after a tree. The name of the town is Pimpal and it is considered to be the most sacred town of Malvan region. The sacred tree located here is also called ‘BOHKTA PIMPAL’ and the meaning of BOHKTA is ‘people without work.’ There is also a fish worker union in this region named Malwan Schramik Maachimar Sangh. This region has huge importance in the Marathi culture. There is a place named Barrister Nath Pai Sevangan where different humanitarian work is carried out. This place is named after a famous freedom fighter from Maharashtra. Many years back a conference was held here at the Marathi Sahitya Sammelan on Marathi Literature.

Attractions at Malvan Region

There are many attractive places around the Malvan Region. The main attractions in this region are forts and beaches. Some of the main places to visit in this region are:

  • Sindhudurg Fort: This is an impressive fort and the meaning of its name is Ocean Fort. It was built in 17th century by Shivaji on the “Kurte” island. This fort has an excellent architecture and it was finished in just 3 years. Around 2000 khandis of iron have been used for laying the foundation stone and casting. The rocks around this island have been used in building the fort. There are three sweet water wells in Sindhudurg Fort.
  • Tarkarli: This is a beautiful beach that is present around 8kms away from Malvan Town. There is a nice cottage resort built near the beach by the Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation. The waters of the beach reflect the beautiful sky above them and the sand particles have red tinge on them. In the northern side of this beach there is an estuary and the Tarkarli creek. The boat rides in Tarkarli creek are enjoyable and very pleasant.



  • The Rock Garden: There is a beautiful Rock Garden built near Arase Mahal on Rocky Shores of Malvan.
  • Jai Ganesh Mandir: This temple is always in the must watch list of the visitors. The idol present here is made of pure gold and the architecture of this temple is magnificent. Along with Lord Ganesha, Ridhi-Siddhi are also present in this temple. Siddhi is holding Dhol and Sword, while Ridhi is holding paper in pen in her hands.
  • Chivla Beach: This beach is situated near the Sindhudurg Fort and has excellent accommodation facilities.
  • Arse Mahal Beach: This beach is an extension to the Chivla beach. It is famous for the Petrol center and Nave detachment. The guest houses over here are built right near the beach and this helps them in enjoying the scenic beauty of the sea resting near the wall.
  • Tondavali Beach: This area is great for people who like to enjoy holidays in less crowded areas. It is very clean and also famous for the water sports like banana rides.
    Tondavali Beach
    Tondavali Beach



  • Achara Beach: The Achara beach is situated 15 kms away from Malvan and is famous for dolphins and swimming. During the months of October and February one can get to see huge number of Dolphins over here.

Along with the above attractions one can also visit the Rameshwar Temple, Vetal Mandir, and Devbaug Beach. Near the Malvan region a small town named Vengurla is situated. This town is famous for temples and its food.

What to do in Malvan region?

Wildlife Sanctuary

In this town there is a famous wildlife sanctuary that was made in the year 1987. The core zone in the sanctuary includes Padamged island, Sindhudurg fort and other rocky structures. The buffer zone in the sanctuary is 50m away from sea shore and on the eastern side it runs parallel to the sea. In the western side it is full of rocks.

Scuba Diving and Snorkeling at Malvan
Water sports activities at Malvan

Scuba Diving and Snorkeling

Malvan is famous for Scuba Diving activities around the rocks and beaches. The clear waters of sea act as the best spot for Scuba Diving. Near the walls of Sindhudurg one can find many colorful marine creatures and live corals.

Water Sports

Near the Tarkarli river there is a small island named Tsunami Island. This is a beautiful island that acts as beach cum resort. Visitors can enjoy some amazing boat rides in back waters of Tarkarli. There are some popular water sports and rides that the tourist can enjoy. Banana boat ride, Jet-Ski, Kayaks, Bumper boat, etc. One should visit Tsunami Island when it is partially submerged in sea water during the high tides.

Best time to visit Malvan

The summers in Malvan tend to be very hot and humid. Though the temperatures are not very high but it is better to avoid visiting this place during summers. In the months of June, July and August there are torrential rainfalls and this region experiences a tropical weather. The winter months are not too cold and the best time to visit this place is February and March.

Where to stay in Malvan Region

The accommodation facility in Malvan is good and the price of the hotels range from 500 to 1500. The pricing of some three star hotels could be on the higher side.

  • Hotel Chivala Beach: Chivala Beach, Malvan, Sindurdurg District, Maharashtra – 416606
  • Exotic Home Stay: Chivala Beach, Dhuvi Wada, Malvan, Maharashtra
  • Sonchafa The Motel: Malvan City, Sindudurg, Maharashtra – 416606
  • Manorama Niwas: Tarkali Beach, Malvan, Maharashtra
  • Sun N Sand Holiday Home: Somwar Peth, Malvan, Maharashtra

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